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Martyrs Menas, Hermogenes, and Eugraphus, of Alexandria

       Saint Menas

     Saint Menas was sent by the emperor from Athens to Alexandria to suppress the riots that had arisen between the Christians and the pagans. Distinguished for his gift of eloquence, Menas instead openly began to preach the Christian Faith and he converted many pagans to Christ. Learning of this, Maximian sent Hermogenes to Alexandria to place the saints on trial. Moreover, he gave orders to purge the city of Christians.

Martyr Hermogenes

     Hermogenes, although he w  as a pagan, was distinguished by his reverent bearing. And struck by the endurance of Saint Menas under torture and by his miraculous healing after the cruel torments, he also came to believe in Christ. Maximian himself then arrived in Alexandria. Neither the astonishing stoic endurance of Saints Menas and Hermogenes under torture, nor even the miracles manifested by God in this city, mollified the emperor. Instead, they vexed him all the more. The emperor personally stabbed Saint Eugraphus, the secretary of Saint Menas, who had declared himself a Christian upon witnessing the endurance of Saints Menas and Hermogenes; and then gave orders to behead the holy Martyrs Menas and Hermogenes.

Martyr Eugraphus

     The relics of the holy martyrs, cast into the sea in an iron chest, were afterwards found (see February 17) and transferred to Constantinople in the ninth century. The emperor Justinian built a church in the name of the holy Martyr Menas of Alexandria. Saint Joseph the Hymnographer (April 4) composed a Canon in honor of these holy martyrs.

Martyr Hermogenes
Martyr Hermogenes
Martyr Hermogenes
Martyr Eugraphus
Martyr Eugraphus
Martyr Eugraphus
Martyr Menas
Martyr Menas
Martyr Menas

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An Introduction to the

Orthodox Christian Church

Adapted from: John Meyendorff. The Orthodox Church

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Igumen Nektary (Morozov)
A mountain ahead. Hurray?

Brotherhood of St. John

THURSDAY  December 21st @ 6PM

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What in the world is an Orthodox Christian?  

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Ancient - Authentic - Alive

Glossary of Orthodox Terms

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What is confession? Why is it necessary?

Confession - Not a novel but a battle

"Never, ever, under any circumstances deny your faith"

Dec 3, 2023

"The Woman With the Bent Back -- On the Church as Healing"

Nov 26, 2023

What is confession?
Why is it necessary?

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 Confession -
Not a novel but a battle


St. Basil the Great prays the secret prayers at the Liturgy. Fresco, Ochrid, 11th c. St. Basil the Great prays the secret prayers

at the Liturgy. Fresco, Ochrid, 11th c.

6 Reasons Why Tithing is

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